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Rainbow History

Rainbow came to me 3 years ago. It was a trade for some other material I had. The trader said it came down to him from his Grandfather and was given to him by two priests from Guatemala. I have not been able to verify this. I have been working on skulls since I was part of the team that went to Kitchener, Ontario and decoded the Mitchell-Hedges skull. I went back two more times with Nick Nocerino where we two were the only ones to work with the skull. Somewhere I have some photos of Sammy (Anna Mitchell-Hedges) and me.

If you have ever worked psychically with an ancient skull, you will forever be able to feel a similar energy with others. Often the question is asked how we can tell if they are ancient or just old. I would define ancient as over a thousand years old, perhaps hundreds of thousands. They are all hand carved, without the marks of machine tools. (In the BBC Skull special they showed how they could see these marks under an electron microscope.) I have worked on several recorders: Mitchell-hedges, Rainbow, Sha Na Ra, and another skull, Madre and they all show an unevenness characteristic of hand carving. I have not had access to an electron microscope but I am sure of the findings. These show other characteristics. Each of them has a priestess in the forehead who controls the skull. Nick noted the same with the Mayan skull, back in the 70's. Each one eventually shows images that resemble known UFO shapes. All of them will also show skulls. All of them also show alien faces which look animal like. In my rainbow slides there is a consistent picture which looks like a baby dolphin/human/alien. As I continue to investigate, I am finding other similarities.

On the other hand, Rainbow has several major differences with these other skulls. The bottom has been hollowed out as much as two inches inside a four-inch high skull. The rest of the skull is solid. Why was this area hollowed out? Another interesting feature. This area is unpolished and so are the insides of the eyes. This is not an accident. It is polished right up to the edge and then the rest of the area is unpolished. Someone suggested perhaps something was intended to be placed into these areas. What would that be? I previously described the skull as cloudy. That's not really accurate. It is quite clear but very heavily included with large areas that have rainbow diffractions. I have a large collection of photos of these rainbow colors. They are my personal attraction. Some of these have images, most do not. When we photographed the Mitchell-Hedges we concluded the images were stored on bands of light. Whichever direction we looked, we could see things and if we changed where we looked, the images changed. Rainbow has the same method of recording. I have taken hundreds of photos with the skull on a light box with different color gels and each color has different images, even if you shoot the same view. Some of these images are very clear and easy to see. Others are so integrated with the landscape, you only see them after viewing them for a time. This is consistent with scrying or crystal gazing. You begin to see patterns not noticed before.

Rainbow is about the size of the skull of a teen-age child. It weighs 5 pounds. It is 4 inches high, measured from the corner of the jaw to the top of the head. From the center of the back of the head to the brow, it measures 5 inches, and from the longest diagonal it measures 7 inches. It has a very unusual feature, not found on other skulls. It has heavy eye bridges. Chuck Pelton, in his video, Skull Trek, overlaid an ancient bone skull over Rainbow with a good fit. It has been identified as Homo Eructus, who last walked the earth over one and a half million years ago. How did the ancient savages who fashioned this skull get a one and a half million-year-old skull to model? Or maybe it was a contemporary skull! How old is it? No one can know this but it has been through a lot of land changes. They show up in the pictures. Volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, you name it. Many psychics have said they saw it in Atlantis. As you know, everything claims to have been in Atlantis. There is no proof of this. There is, however, an obviously underwater scene in one of the slides, that shows a metallic appearing dome, quite similar to those in artists drawings of Atlantis. There is much more. This skull has a remarkable effect on people when they hold it to their heart or solar plexus. Old buried emotions surface and many people break down and cry. One psychic said this was the skull for the heart chakra. I like that. Consistently, we get the same comment. "It is so Loving".

Copyright 1999 DaEl Walker

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