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Healing Reports and Testimonials

Dear DaEl:

I just wanted to thank you again for all your healing work! I enjoyed 
meeting you this past Saturday at the San Francisco Crystal Fair at 
Fort Mason, and am so glad I got to meet Rainbow, Zar and Mr. 
Funnybones. I've been thanking them every day for their insight and 

My Wheel of Life pendant is truly amazing; I have felt so much better 
overall since I started wearing it. And the healing Mandalas have 
sure helped -- I sprained my thumb a couple of months ago, and have 
been using your crystal healing techniques with some success. But I 
think I've been reinjuring it accidentally, and it's still been 
hurting. Since Saturday, I've been resting my sore thumb on one of 
the healing Mandalas every evening, and my thumb feels significantly 
better -- I can almost bend it again.

My husband wasn't feeling well on Saturday and decided not to come 
along with me to the Crystal Fair. When he heard that he missed the 
chance to meet Rainbow, Zar and Mr. Funnybones, he was heartsick -- 
he loves crystal skulls and has researched them extensively. But he 
was thrilled that I brought home that small crystal skull that had 
been charged by the Ancient Ones. We both can feel the connection, 
and have been enjoying meditating with our new little one, who we've 
named "Max" (That's what the skull told us his name was).

We are both interested in the crystal healing/crystal power tools 
workshop you mentioned you want to hold at
Ft. Mason
. Please let us 
know when that will happen.

Again, Thanks! and bright blessings ...

My Dearest Dael,

Last year, in November, at Enlightened Healing Center, I enjoyed the privilege of sharing a crystal healing session with you for my lungs (chronic asthma) and severe degenerative arthritis in my knees. I must say it was an extraordinary and magickal experience that I truly appreciated! The wonderful thing is that since that session with you the worse part of my asthma symptoms have all diminished! This is after over 1 1/2 half of battling a dry cough and severe wheezing! I no longer need to take my nebulizer treatments or anti-biotics!!! I am SO GRATEFUL!!!

As I recall, I saw (via the ethers) you literally unplug something at the bottom of my foot and lots of black gunk draining out until it cleared with healing white light!


You are a treasure!

Loving hugs and GREAT RESPECT!!!

THE Goddess Akeeya

Dear Dael,
Thank you for your response, and don't worry, i can understand you have a lot of people to respond to now that you have fb! :).
Things here are great!, i have been using the Crystaltherapy method 1-4 for 2 years now instructed by Melanie Frot, remember her?,
she is my sister in law, she was living in Quito but now she is back in Mexico and staying there indefinitely.
Im really happy with my crystals and the techniques, i used them mostly on family and friends, the results are really remarkable!, people are little eskeptical at first but once they try it, the powerful bleesings of the crystals are inmediately noticeable! :)
So thank you so much for your amazing knowledge!!!!, i really feel bleesed it came to me through Melanie all the way to Quito!!
Love and light from Ecuador :)

Hi DaEl,
I was showing the Healing and Psychic Development class I teach the direct pulse technique. As I was explaining it, Denise was demonstrating the technique on Kathleen's shin.

Here's the feedback we received from Kathleen:

Hey Gaylene, I just wanted to say thanks for that crystal healing last night. I don't remember the name of the woman who gave it to me. When I fell on the 4th of July I hurt my shin and my thigh above my knee and the boot hasn't been helping at all. Well, my shin that she used the crystal on hasn't been hurting but the other parts still do, so awesome. When I get more finances I'll get some crystals to do that. So thank you! And please tell her as well.


Hi DaEl,

First, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming over and teaching us Crystalotherapy. It was a wonderful and enlightening experience.

I've been practicing this on several people and have had wonderful reactions from them. This is the very first healing technique that I've been able to use and not be an empath at the same time. I've practiced Reiki for about 15 years and have done different healing modalities, but no matter how much I grounded myself or protected myself, I would still pick up the physical and emotional feelings from them. With Crystalotherapy, I'm able to still use my psychic abilities, but be detached. I still feel compassion if someone begins to cry from the emotional release this allows them, but I don't feel it empathically. I hope that made sense.

I love this and I'm getting appointments from people that are hearing what a wonderful technique it is. I'm having an evening of healing this Friday and plan on using your technique.

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