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Mega 2 Mandala

The Mega 2 is the latest entry in the Mandala Charger Family. It is a new design, increasing the complexity and power started by the Mega. The Mega is now cut in a circular design which focuses the energy into a tighter spiral and thus improves it. The Mega 2 is now in a 8 1/2 by 11 inch design and it is 4 times more powerful than the Mega. Your water will charge faster. Your wine will improve twice as fast as the Mega. And all your distance healing just took a quantum leap in intensity.

It is my intention to keep the leading Mandala priced at a very low price of only $20. When the Mega 2 replaced the Mega, the Mega moved down in price to only $15. With the new Mega 2 we challenge any other energy device for intensity and power and nobody can touch our price. Try it now and experience an energy sensation unlike anything you have ever known. For more information go to the Mandala Charger section.

The MiniPlus - NEW ITEM

We have finished testing our newest addition to the Mandala family, the MiniPlus Mandala. This is a new design which is slightly larger than the Mini, but 5 times stronger. A single MiniPlus will neutralize all the negative magnetic fields of the telephones and computer mouses. Simply tape it on the back of the phones or the bottom of the mouse. Insert it in the battery compartment of your mobile cell phone, or your standard portable phones.

Because it is much stronger, it is excellent for taping directly on physical pain or muscle tension. It can relieve pain within minutes. It can be taped directly on acupoints with excellent results. If you have a friend who is an acupuncturist, experiment with the MiniPlus. Every effort we have made has shown positive change in the problems.

Place one of these in the center of your shoe instead of the minis. The intensity of the energy will surprise and delight you. You will immediately feel the energy race through your body, relaxing, clearing energy meridians, and reducing tension and pain. Your whole body will light up.

We have used the MiniPlus to do distance healing on specific parts of the body. Does your friend or client have a problem in the stomach? Get a photograph of the full body and place the MiniPlus Mandala directly on the problem area in the photo. Increase the effectiveness by encapsulating the picture and the MiniPlus with two 6 inch or larger Mandalas. Be sure to check with your target within the next two days and find out the results of these energy Mandalas.

Try the MiniPlus and you will be amazed by the results.


Take out the heavy metals that have collected in your body all your life. Metals such as mercury, received in dental fillings and seafood, and lead, from paint and gasoline exhausts, collect in your body and poison us. As well as aluminum, cadmium, nickel, copper, iron, and many others. Chelation involves introducing an amino acid, EDTA, into the body. EDTA bonds with heavy metals and takes them out of the body through the elimination system. Traditional medical chelation involves visiting your doctor two to three times a week, sitting for over an hour each trip with an intravenous drip (IV) inserted into your arm. This is done for a period of two to three months, depending on the severity of your heavy metal deposits, at a cost of $3000 to $4000.

After years of research and development we now have a method of self treating called Detoxamin.

Read this article by Dr. Morton Walker, who speaks on toxic metals and chelation:

Environmentalists warn us repeatedly that we live on a poisoned planet. Toxins from mercury, lead, aluminum, cademium, iron, nickel, and about 20 more metallic minerals prmeat the Earth's milieu. Heavy and light metals poison us by combining to create deleterious signs and sumptoms often referred to collectively as Toxic Metal Syndrome. This syndrome, and indicator of serious systemic pathology, results in degenerative diseases which affect no less than 92% of the populations of Western industrialized nations, in particular, those people living in apartment high-rises and other polluted city dwellings. What happens to them? These poisoned people eventually come down with manifestations of degenerative illnesses such as heart and/or blood vessel deteriorations; pancreatitis; gout; rheumatoid arthritis; or osteoarthritis; the syndromes of yeast, chronic fatigue, and/or irritable bowel; Alzheimer's disease, mustiple sclerosis, parkinsonism, and many more which may be deadly - cancer for instance.

Although a poisoned persons bones remain toxic for life, excellent self-treatment exists to reduce or reverse most sumptoms of illness in other body parts. First get tested for the extent of toxicity, (this is best done by hair analysis) then neutralize metallic poisoning by a chelating agent such as Detoxamin. By applying the highly efficacious Detoxamin suppository containing EDTA, you remove toxic metal from cells all over the body. The self-administration is performed rectally before retiring so that as you sleep you are taking chelation therapy with EDTA. There is no need for intravenous infusions or quantities of nutritional supplements. (However, you are taking all the metals out of your body, even the good ones. Be sure you take a daily supplement of minerals to replace what is taken out)

Rectal chelation therapy does the job of detoxifying in a low-cost, convenient manner; it's an effective way to effuse EDTA through the bowel's walls and into your blood stream to clean toxic metals from all body cells. -- Dr. Morton Walker

What can this mean to you? If you are suffering from any debilitating or degenerative disease you are probably being poisoned by metals. Chelation offers a way to get rid of these poisons and help your body recuperate and even regenerate.

A side benefit is the cleaning of metal deposits from the arteries and blood vessels of your body, thereby reducing the probability of heart attacks from plugged arteries.

The previous method of chelation was awkward, lengthy, and costly and had to be done in a Doctor's office. Now you can treat yourself in the comfort of your own home for only a small percentage of the IV drip. Detoxamin is a method of using a suppository of EDTA inside a shell of cocoa butter. It is inserted anally and body heat melts quickly and enters the blood stream through the colon and intenstinal tract. It immediately begins to bond with the mercury stored in the colon and rapidly spreads throughout the whole body. During the next 90 days, metals are rapidly taken out of the body.

Here is a testimony. "I have been using Detoxamin for four moths due to heavy metal poisoning, especally high lead. I am very satisfied with the results. My lead levels are down 75%. (I should be lead free with one month more of Detoxamin) Tin levels are down about 47%, nickel is down 30%, mercury is down 60%, cadmium is down 57%, and antimony is down 37%. Thanks again. I have recommended your product to others - your product really works! R. Pavsner, Birmingham, MI.

Other studies can be found at

But here is the best news of all. It doesn't cost $4000, or $3000. Not even $2000! It costs less than $1000 for a 3 months, recommended for most people. In fact, it only costs an unbelievable $750! Yes, a full 3 months supply of Detoxamin for only $750. Equal to months of IV drip sessions in a doctor's office.

Want to order?
Email us at Or call us at 925 862 2332.
We will send it to you immediately and we'll even pay the freight! Yes, no matter where you are, we will send your Detoxamin to you, freight free. We will accept Visa or Mastercard or money orders, or even personal checks.

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