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Physics of Emotion

Emotions create all behavior, good or bad. This behavior is either conscious or unconscious. Consciously, they are a part of any decision we make. All creativity is a function of mind and desire or intention or impulse, all names describing emotion. By far the largest amount of emotional behavior is caused by unconscious, automatic stimulus. We decide to go shopping. We get into the car, insert the key, start the motor, fasten our seatbelts, release the break, shift into Drive and step on the accelerator, while watching for other traffic, or children, or dogs, and keeping a conversation up with our fellow passenger, or someone on the mobile phone. How much conscious decision is involved in all this? We make an emotional decision, a desire, to go to the store. Everything else is automatic. We run on automatic maybe 90% of the time. And this is great.

Unfortunately, our negative emotional programs or patterns cause us negative behavior, reactions we do not want but seem helpless to stop. Your mother constantly nags you about your children. How do you feel about this? Why do you feel this way and react with this anger, frustration, irritation, desire to hit her? You do not want to act this way, yet you do so if the right signals push your buttons.

We all have automatic behavioral buttons. A skilled manipulator can push them and make you do what they want. And all of us have those who do this. But why? If we are creatures of free will and consciousness shouldn't we be able to eliminate these triggers and take control of our own lives. And live unafraid of anything anyone says or does because you are the master of your feelings.

So we go to psychologists who seek to understand the nature of your problem but look in the wrong places. They observe behavior as the standard to work from when the problem is in the emotion and not what harm it has done. If you truly understood about emotions you would not care what caused the problem, you would only want to know where the emotions are. Then you would eliminate them and they would bother you no more.

I do not look upon emotions as having labels. Anger, fear, stress, grief, irritation, frustration all share one common thread. They are all Negative Energy. Just as happiness, joy, exultation, pride, victory, and love are all Positive Energy. Emotions are a form of energy. Exactly what type is up for grabs. But they are a form of energy because they conform to the basic definition of energy: that which creates change. Nothing creates more change than emotions. They govern all behavior, good or bad. The are the impulses behind all celebrations and all wars. And they share one thing in common with other types of energy. They have polarity. The have a positive or a negative charge. We even recognize that, unconsciously, when we describe them as negative or positive. Negative energy decreases or destroys. Positive energy increases or creates.

Science and medical studies show us that emotions have a direct effect on our health. Negative emotions create stress and stress is the primary factor in all our debilitative diseases. Interesting word, dis-ease.

If we look at emotions as energy some things become apparent. Most of our emotions are stored in our memories. And our memories are composed of thoughtforms which are sensory data and emotions. Many of the negative behavioral patterns are linked to our memories. We see a picture of our mother and think of all the destructive things she said to us over the years and reach for the piece of chocolate, because it makes us feel better. It feels better because it is connected to eating and eating has more good or happy feelings attached to it than it does bad.

Automatically we try to counter the negative emotional response to the stimulus of the picture by bringing to us an object, chocolate, which has, attached to it, positive emotions. Because our subconscious mind recognizes the need to reduce this stress. Stress cause bad things to happen to your body and your subconscious mind is in charge of keeping your body healthy.

It is the reason a smoker lights up a cigarette when stressed. The nicotine breaks up the astral field, the emotional field of the smoker, and temporarily reduces the stress. Of course there are long term problems to smoking, but the subconscious mind is an automatic stimulus/response computer which seeks now time results.

How can we look at this process in a rational manner? If we think of emotions as an energy we can look to physics to define it. Physics is the science of energy. Physics tells us all energy has polarity, as we have said. This means emotions have both a positive and a negative charge.

The emotions which trigger automatic responses are stored in our mind. This is an easy deduction. They are stored in some part of our mind because they react instantly with that mind. The major storage area is in our memories. And the composition of our memories are pictures and other sensory information plus a negative or positive emotion.

That's it. Only sensory data and emotion. That's all our memories are. And they are stored as magnetized bits of data stored in the mind and connected to the brain. They are no longer real. They are a big video recording with full sensory impulse.

How does this affect our behavior? Something stimulates our mind to react. Since our memory storage is composed of only sensory data and emotion, those are the two factors which create this stimulus. Something we saw, or heard, touched, smelled, or tasted, or a combination of those can trigger our memories to release an emotion and cause psychological or physiological behavioral reactions or both. Or an emotion can cause the same reaction. Usually it is a combination of both sensory and emotional stimulus.

Let's look at that process. Sensory data, and/or negative or positive emotions will trigger your memory to release a negative or positive emotion which will create negative or positive behavior.

That's very clear and points us to the solution for eliminating negative behavior. The activating factor is the emotion which is released. If we can change the polarity of that emotion from negative to positive, what would happen to the polarity of the behavior?

Ah, but how to do that? To be able to do that we must be able to isolate and locate the offending emotion. And find a way to pump positive emotional energy into this negative charge.

I found the clue to that when I began to do remote healing on people. I found out I must have something which has their primary vibration on it to be able to do my best healing on them. This is called a primary witness. If I had something of their body, such as hair, nail clippings, sweaty clothes, or even a blood sample, a photograph, or a sample of their handwriting, I could send healing energy to them wherever they were, even thousands of miles away. Their vibrations on these objects were like a direct hookup to the energy fields of their minds and bodies.

I had been using the Light Invocation prayer as an impulse for healing for some time. The prayer is simple but powerful. "I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide." I could measure the energy change created within anyone who said this prayer. Either by dowsing the change in their energy field or by photographing the light emanating from their fingertips with a kirlian camera. And belief or understanding of the prayer had nothing to do with the activation of the energy. I had the Invocation translated into German, phonetically, and had one of my students repeat this prayer three times. The energy field of her body responded the same as it had in English. And she did not understand German.

It occurred to me I could use this prayer, combined with one of our healing techniques, the Direct Pulse, for working on stored emotions. The Direct pulse is a simple technique where we use an energy device for each of our hands. Either two crystals, two Mandala Chargers, a Wheel of Life pendant and a crystal, two Wheels, or any combination of any of these. We place our left hand, crystal or other device, on the problem area, where the pain hurts. We put the right hand, also with a device, on the opposite side of that part of the body. We say the Light Invocation three times and wait until all the heat and pulsing stops or until 10 minutes passes. Every time we do this, the pain or muscle tension reduces.

I wondered what would happen if I had my client write on a piece of paper anything which would bring to mind the emotion that he or she wanted to be rid of. A name or description of the experience which created the emotional memory. I had her fold that paper and place it between her two filled hands just as though it was someone's body. Then she said the Light Invocation continuously for 5 minutes.

We had previously noted the energy field of a person was expanded by the insertion of the energy created by the Light Invocation. We also noted the expansion seemed to continue, the field getting larger, as long as the prayer continued to be said. By continuously repeating the prayer there would be an unending flow of positive energy into the negative memory. No matter how big that emotion was, no matter how hot, or intense, it was still finite. When an infinite source of positive energy interacts with a finite amount of stored negative energy, which one will win?

And so it has proven to be. Try it for yourself. Get two crystals, or other of my devices, hold your paper between both hands and say the prayer for 5 minutes. See if there is a reduction of intensity of the emotion. If there is still some left, do another 5 minutes. If necessary, do a third 5 minutes. There are few emotions of such an intensity that 15 minutes cannot eliminate. I suggest you get a kitchen timer to help you with that 5 minute limit. You may find the prayer slows down your brain waves to the point where you are in a trance. The ding of the bell on the timer will bring you back into your self.

Here is the question? If this technique works, why not make a list of all the negative experiences you have ever had that you want to be rid of. One by one knock them all off. Then go after your automatic responses you do not like. Simply describe them as you have observed them. Within that description will be the negative emotion which activates the behavior. Place that paper between your hands and change your automatic behavior. And why not do this at the end of each day and eliminate any negative experiences. Why keep them with you after you have understood what they meant? Bless them for showing you where you still had buried impulses. And change those impulses. Until there was no negative emotions left within you.

Ah, here's the real question? What would you be if you had no negative buttons people could push? How would you act toward the world if you had no negative memories to make you fear? What could you do, what could you be if there was no little voice of fear which kept you from making those life changing decisions?

Think about it.

DaEl Walker, Director, Crystal Awareness Institute

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