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Wheel of Life
How to Use It

The Wheel of Life pendant is possibly the most powerful source of usable healing life energy available.

Its looks are deceiving. Outwardly, it is a beautiful piece of jewelry, cast in the shape of a wheel, in silver or gold. In silver it has 6 red garnets equally spaced on the rim of the wheel. Six rubies are used for the 14K, 18K, and 22K gold versions. A precious emerald is set into the center hub. It shows no visible means of power. There is no electrical circuitry, no magnets, simply metal and stone. But when it is placed on the body, its power begins to show. The mind, emotions, and the body begin to relax. A feeling of calm fills you. "I can feel heat pulsing in my chest. My tension is disappearing."

Within the Wheel, a different kind of science is operating. It uses sacred geometry. We know the shape of an object creates energy. The pyramid shape has shown that. The Wheel is a circle with a hexagon inside it, created by the spacing of 6 red stones in the rim and a green emerald in the center. Use your imagination and pull up the center stone, making a hexagon. Viewed as three dimensional, it becomes a 6-sided pyramid, not unlike the tip of a quartz crystal. Use the mind to connect each of the seven stones to each other. Create this imaginary hexagon and program it with prayers, chants, mantras, and subliminal thought commands, and you have the Wheel of Life.

Consider the Wheel to be a bio-computer, a computer that works with biological forces. It is worn around the neck and rests on the chest near the thymus gland, known for its association with the immune system. Our tests have shown this area to be the most stimulating to the overall energy fields of the body.

There is an unusual extra benefit when wearing the Wheel. It helps defend against electronic and electrical equipment that emanates detrimental magnetic pulsed fields. Science tells us the movement of electrical energy creates a surrounding magnetic field, a waveform. Alternating current switches back and forth between positive and negative polarities at the rate of 50 or 60 cycles per second. This switching causes the magnetic fields to pulse. The problem occurs because these pulsing fields are not harmonious with the biomagnetic fields of plants, animals, or people. The immune system recognized this as a stress and uses energy to counter it, often taking away energy from other parts of the body to do this. This creates fatigue, aches and pains, even major health problems. All electrical or electronic equipment has the potential to cause these magnetic pulses to stress you. Televisions, video players and recorders, computers, microwave ovens, fluorescent lights, copy machines, fax machines, printers, both cellular and regular telephones emit a dangerous magnetic pulse.

The Wheel of Life counters this disruptive weakening effect by charging the immune system with a continuous flow of high power life energy, enough to counter the stress of the magnetic fields. You can use muscle testing to prove this to yourself. Have a friend stand next to a telephone. Have him extend his strongest arm out in front and make a fist. As you push down on the arm, have him resist by pushing up, full strength, until you can break his resistance. This establishes the muscle strength of the arm. Have him pick up the phone, place it against his ear, and extend the other arm. Muscle test again, and notice how much weaker the arm becomes. Put a Wheel of Life pendant around the neck so it rests against the chest. The thymus gland is in this same area and is associated with the immune system. Leave it in place for 15 to 30 seconds. Place the phone against the ear, extend the arm and test the muscle strength again. You will be amazed to find, as thousands have, full strength returns, even though the phone is still stressing him! For the final test, take off the Wheel while the phone is still against the ear and repeat the test. The body will go weak again. By bracketing the muscle tests, you can prove to yourself that the Wheel provides the protection. With this method you can show the dramatic difference in strength when wearing the Wheel. Try this same test with any electrical or electronic device.

The most intriguing aspect of the Wheel is in the area of healing. Our research shows the Wheel may have a dramatic effect on pain reduction, muscle tension relief, and stress reduction. We can make no medical claims because the Wheel has not been tested under a proper scientific protocol. We can tell you of some of the stories of the results of using the Wheel. James Montague of Sylmar, California, had a bad tooth pulled. He placed the Wheel against the cavity. He said the pain and bleeding stopped within minutes. The swelling began to go down. That night he slept with no pain or discomfort. Within 3 days, he was eating whole foods, still with no discomfort.

A nurse in southern California was scheduled for a knee operation. At our suggestion she placed the Wheel where the surgery was to be done, two hours prior to the surgery. Replacement of the kneecap is major surgery and, obviously, a major trauma to the knee cells. A healing was done on the area about to be operated, one hour before the surgery. By pre-charging the cells it gave them more energy to counter the trauma of the cutting. The patient could not bring the Wheel into the operating room but she left instructions for the recovery room nurses to tape the Wheel on the bandages, directly on the cut area. She had them replace the Wheel after each change of bandage. She was out of the hospital in three days.

"It was really remarkable. I took no pain drugs because I had no pain! All I had was a dull ache. I was home in 3 days and healed so fast I took my own stitches out within 3 weeks because they were irritating me. I was walking within 4 weeks without a crutch, and no pain. My doctor is amazed and so am I."

A doctor in Mexico reports:

"I used the Wheel on a patient who had a thyroid so enlarged it was like a lemon. Normal treatment was surgical removal, which she very much did not want. I used the Wheel of Life as instructed. By the next day it was half the size. After a week of daily treatments it is now normal sized. I find it difficult to believe."

Please be reassured we are not making claims of cures. These are simply personal experience reports we have been given. The only way you can know if you can have healing experiences with the Wheel is to test it. You need 3 items for the best results: a Wheel of Life pendant, a quartz crystal that fits comfortably in the hand, and a prayer, the Light Invocation. "I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide."

Here's how you do it. Ask your subject where the problem is. Hold the Wheel of Life in the center of the left hand with the gemstones showing. Hold a quartz crystal in your right hand, with the faceted end pointing toward the fingertips. Repeat the Light Invocation three times, to avoid transfer of any negative energy between therapist and client. "I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide." When you touch anyone, you connect with their energy field, similar to two batteries connecting. Your energies will mix. If either of you have a large amount of negative energy, you may transfer it to the other. Repeating the Light Invoca tion three times creates a powerful field of positive energy in anyone who says it. This protects against the transfer of any negativity.

Place the Wheel against the problem area with the palm flat. Put the right hand crystal on the opposite side of the body. If the problem is on the top of the shoulders put one hand on each shoulder. Repeat the Light Invocation out loud, three times. "I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide." This activates the healing. Observe physical sensations. The Wheel will feel hot and the crystal cold, or cooler than the Wheel. The cold is your inner perception of the blockage causing the pain. It is cold because it is exactly the opposite of life energy, which feels warm. Remember that pain is just a signal that something is blocking the flow of sufficient life energy to the cells. The cells are calling out to the immune system to send adequate energy so they can maintain themselves. The Wheel is an inexhaustible flow of life energy. Whatever is blocking the movement of energy to the cells has the opposite polarity, or it could not block the life energy.

Notice physical sensations. The left hand Wheel is warm, the right hand crystal is cool, even cold. You may even feel a pulsing, or vibration. As the minutes go by, observe the right hand heating up. The hand usually heats before the crystal, a most unusual experience. Gradually the crystal warms until both hands are equal in temperature. Then both hands may get even hotter. Within minutes the cells will become charged and the immune system will shut off the process. Think of it as shutting off a furnace and observing it gradually cool off until very little can be detected. One full cycle of healing has been completed. Look at the sequence again. After the prayer is repeated three times, you can feel heat in the left hand and cold in the right. As the blockage is dissolved the crystal becomes the same temperature as the Wheel. Then both hands get hotter as the cells are under maximum charge. When they are fully charged the immune system will shut off the process and everything will cool down. After as little as a five-minute wait, you can repeat the procedure for even greater healing effect. This method is called the Direct Pulse.

A full healing cycle averages 10 minutes. The longest time we have recorded was 35 minutes with a woman from Sidney, Australia, who later revealed she was undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. That night she slept the full night through without her normal discomfort.

The Wheel of Life has many ways to help you. When you wear it, it creates a powerful field of positive charged life energy that protects you against the negative emotions of others, either stored in rooms or projecting from people. It charges up your immune system, gives you more stamina and balances all your energy centers for better health. Much of the danger of bad magnetic flows is eliminated, and saves you from the damage it could do to your immune system. It reduces emotional stress stored in your body or your mind. It clears your mind and gives it greater strength. And you have a wonderful healing tool with you all the time.

In a world filled with overly stressed people, their negative emotions cause problems to everyone. When these negative emotions hit your energy field they begin to weaken you by draining your reserve energy field that surrounds your body, your etheric field. When you place a Wheel of Life pendant around your neck, it begins to charge your body and balance your energy centers, the Chakras. In less than one minute all your centers are fully charged and the excess energy goes into your reserve field around you, expanding it as a ball of light surrounding you. This ball of pure light neutralizes the darkness of negativity emanating from others, and stored in objects around you. It serves as a true psychic protection against negativity. With either of the silver Wheels the energy expands to 40 to 60 feet. With the 14K gold it reaches out to over 200 feet. The 18K increases the ball of light, surrounding you, to over 1000 feet. The 22K is the most powerful of all. We have measured the field at over 2000 feet. As long as you wear the Wheel of Life, you will have a buffer zone around you to help protect against the negativity that comes from every direction.

The Wheel of Life does not have to be cleared of negativity the way a crystal does. It is stronger than any negative energy and does not take on that negativity. Therefore it does not have to be cleared. However, it is still a good practice to hold both crystal and Wheel in your hands when you repeat the Light Invocation. All negativity will be eliminated.

Both the silver and gold Wheels should be cleansed, at least once a week. Dip them in gem cleaner and polish them with a polishing cloth.

The advent of the Wheel of Life pendant raises healing to new heights. Possession and use of this remarkable tool can help you become a more effective healer.

Copyright 2000, DaEl Walker

For information on purchasing a Wheel of Life medallion, contact: Crystal Awareness Institute, PO Box 348, Sunol, CA 94586. Phone: 925 862 2332, FAX: 925 862 0623 Email:

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