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DaEl is recognized by his peers as a Master teacher. He is a speaker at Alternative Healing Conferences around the world. Here he is in Romania (picture on the left).

 “DaEl is the most knowledgeable man I know on the subject of crystals. He is a true crystal Master.” Bill Jenkins, host, Open Mind, KABC, Los Angeles 

 “DaEl ‘s methods are easy to use and they work. He has simplified the process of healing into uncomplicated crystal techniques. His expertise is undeniable.”
Dr. Richard Gerber, MD, author, VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE 

Welcome to Crystal Awareness, the home of the powerful Wheel of Life, Crystal Mandala Charger, the Crystal Skull 'Rainbow', & Ritual Magic Wands. On this site you will find evidence of our devotion to Spirituality, the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection, and Alternative Medicines and Therapies, through Crystalotherapy, Prayer, Psychic Healing, Chakra Balancing, & Crystal, Gemstone, Vibrational & Etheric Healing. It is through these Alternate Healing Methods that we can achieve subtle energy shifts, and even pain & stress reduction in a holistic manner. Dive into Dael Walker's articles on Light Invocation& Ritual Magic Wands to feel the healing begin... 

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Crystal Awareness Institute

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