Crystals can enhance your life, your health, and your home with their natural beauty and mysterious energy-focusing attributes. Find information on these amazing crystals and their properties, their geological origins, and their histories, their uses in crystal healing and other metaphysical practices.

Get to Know the Basic Nature of Crystals with Crystal Awareness

Ever wonder why some crystals just feel right? Or why people say that crystals have energy fields? Healing, reiki, Wicca, protection, love. Citrine, Rose Quartz, Ruby. From small crystals to large clusters, each with its own unique vibe.

Program Crystals for Healing and Personal Energy

Crystals aren’t just eye candy; they’re believed to hold special kinds of energy. We show you how to program crystals for healing and boosting your personal energy. It’s a journey into deeper personal awareness that could open you to new experiences.

The Interplay of Crystals and Your Personal Energy Fields

Ever pick up a crystal and feel something? That’s the interplay with your personal energy fields. We discuss how reading crystal awareness can offer insights into this fascinating interaction, affecting everything from your mood to your well-being.

Meditation, Healing, and the Effect of Large Crystals

Did you know that the effect of large crystals can be especially powerful during meditation? Included is information on how working with color and crystals when meditating can enhance your sessions. It’s a unique blend of meditation, healing, and personal energy that we love talking about.

Types of Crystals

Each type of crystal has its own set of properties and potential benefits. From the protective energy of small Amethyst pieces to the robust vibes of large Tiger’s Eye clusters, we break down what sets each one apart.

About Crystal Awareness

My name is D.D. and I’ve always had a love of minerals and geology. Growing up in New Mexico, I had wide-open spaces and a range of rock-hound terrain to wander in. I had a collection of geodes, crystals and fossils from a tender age. Combined with my stepfather’s Wiccan beliefs, I’ve always been interested in the metaphysical properties attributed to crystals and gemstones. I have gathered here information for you on types of crystals used by practitioners of crystal healing, reiki, Wicca, energy grids and meditative techniques. Share my delight at these lovely treasures from our Mother, the Earth. was originally owned by DaEl Walker, the Director of the Crystal Awareness Institute. I have purchased the domain for my tiny one-man writing company at Make A Face Publishing. I am adding new information and restoring some of the original pages by DaEl Walker. I am not directly associated with DaEl (who sadly has passed on) or the Institute and am displaying the old content as a memorium. If you have information or questions about the CAI, you can reach me at admin [at]