My name is D.D. and I’ve always had a love of minerals and geology. Growing up in New Mexico, I had wide-open spaces and a range of rock-hound terrain to wander in. I had a collection of geodes, crystals and fossils from a tender age. Combined with my stepfather’s Wiccan beliefs, I’ve always been interested in the metaphysical properties attributed to crystals and gemstones.

Grandfather: An elderly Navajo man with a kindly wrinkled face, slightly tinted glasses, wearing a shirt and vest and necklace of stone beads.

About Grandfather

Grandfather is an amalgam of two men. In different ways, at very different times, they both gave me good advice that I needed to hear.

Energy Healing

Theoretically, healing is simple. When something blocks the flow of energy to the cells, they begin to die.

Remote Healing

We can use crystals, Wheel of Life medallions, and Mandala Chargers to create healing changes from a distance.

The Light Invocation

The Light Invocation can be used to clear your crystals and jewelry of any negative emotion. Repeat the Invocation three times while holding the objects in your hands.

The Crystal Mandala

Crystal Mandala

The Crystal Mandala uses the science of symbolic power to activate life force, or chi, energy. It is a symmetrical design done within a circle.