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After three years in crystal skull research with the Society of Crystal Skulls International and intensive personal attention by DaEl Walker, the crystal skull, Rainbow, is out of the shadows.

October, 1997, DaEl took Rainbow to Houston, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia. DaEl showed slides of photos he took of the images inside Rainbow, made by using different color gels over a light box. The images were astounding. Joanne and Carl Parks, who are guardians for Max, the Texas skull, watched the show as guests of DaEl. Carl’s comments were interesting. “I have never seen so much landscape”, he said. “There is so much detail. It’s really something.” Many people commented on their feeling that this skull had been in Atlantis. And one of the slides added to this speculation. It is an underwater scene with a dome shaped building, seen very clearly. Other pictures vary from volcanoes erupting, to spacecraft, to a futuristic train. This skull has many similarities with Sha-Na-Ra and Mitchell-Hedges. There is a priestess in the brow area. UFOs are seen. Color and sound, as well as light intensity, affects it. Pictures of other skulls can be seen in many of the slides.

After Houston, DaEl took Rainbow to the first White Dove Peace Conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout the Conference, she was foremost, sitting on her light box with revolving color gels constantly offering new visions. Every speaker wanted to touch her, and marveled at her beauty and the loving way she made you feel.

“What a presence! I can feel her loving gentleness fill the room.”
“She is not of this age. She is one of the ancient ones.”
“I feel a sense of greatness and power.”
“She is a true elder, full of wisdom and power.”

Many of the speakers were UFO researchers and identified several images as being spacecraft. All were intrigued by the juxtaposition of ancient images and UFOs.

Back to California and more research. A professional Panasonic videocamera was purchased. It has the capability of macro, close up, photography. DaEl wants to film full video while the light box is revolving and then introduce different sounds, and even fragrances to the skull, to see if he can achieve real time changes in the skull.

February 1998. Rainbow and DaEl go to New York, sponsored by Quantum Access. Phil Gruber and Ariel Phoenix set up two different showings of the slides and New Yorkers got their first sight and touch of Rainbow. Once again, Rainbow was a major star.

The quality of workmanship and detail of Rainbow impressed people. “How could they create such accuracy of shape without modern tools?”

The adventure did not stop there. The next Sunday, DaEl and Rainbow went to New Jersey to a crop circle site to photograph interdimensional UFOs. Crop circles in New Jersey? UFOs in New Jersey? Indeed. We were guided to a backwoods area by a group who have photographed over 1700 interdimensional craft. After Rainbow was placed in the center of the crop circle, they were able to get images of over 40 more craft.

More was in store for DaEl and Rainbow.
The Rainbow skull speaks at the United Nations? How farfetched can you get? Nevertheless Rainbow was the focus of attention at the Society for Enlightenment and Transformation, a group whose members work at the United Nations. DaEl spoke of the images photographed, using psychometry, and taking energy measurements as the members passed Rainbow around the room.

Jennifer Borchers, President of the United Nations Staff Recreation Council, “On behalf of the Executive Committee, I want to thank you for giving such a wonderful presentation to us. It was a pleasure to chat with about the crystal skull. The information you shared was well received by everyone in the audience.”

Where to go next? Back to Houston, April 22 to May 7, 1998. Then on to the Star Knowledge Gathering at New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico. In June it is on to New Jersey, perhaps for a return to the crop circle. A week later, a second show for the New York audience.

In July, DaEl and Rainbow go to Australia and New Zealand! A large and very interested group is waiting in Australia and New Zealand to have a first hand experience with Rainbow and to study healing with DaEl.

Rainbow Crystal Skull

“I can’t believe what I saw. It looked like an earthquake caused an underground train wreck. People were laying all over the track.”

“It was no earthquake, it was a volcano! You could see the molten lava and smoke.”

“That looked like people with wings flying through the smoke.”

The audience was talking during a slide show. A most unusual slide show. These were photographs taken inside a crystal skull. A piece of quartz crystal carved in the exact shape of a once living skull. However, this living skull was over 500,000 years old!

How did these images get inside this skull? The Rainbow crystal skull came from MesoAmerica, perhaps Guatemala, or Mexico. No one knows. For over 4000 years, this area was not known to use a wheel. How was a primitive culture such as this able to create such an object without the aid of a wheel? Quartz is very hard, 7 on the MOHS scale. Diamond is a 10. Only a stone harder than quartz could carve it. And, most strange of all, it is carved against the natural axis, the natural direction it grows. It should have shattered under the intense pressure and heat needed to carve it, but it did not.

The images appear under certain stimuli. Different colors, intensity of light, even sounds cause changes to take place inside the skull. Pictures of places, animals, people, UFOs, strange buildings, underwater scenes, earthquakes, volcanoes, futuristic trains, people with animal faces, underground cities, people with wings, people with fins and more. A series of chronicles of events and no real understanding of what are seen. We can only speculate.

The pictures are overlaid with other pictures. Some pictures are inside others. Scenes change as you move around the skull. The images are apparently stored on lines of light, for if you change the light, you change the pictures. Such a technology does not exist today. How did the ancients know to do this?

Many psychics, when holding Rainbow, see scenes which link the skull with Atlantis. Some of the photos seem to back this. A domed building, such as described by psychic channels, is seen underwater. Was this Atlantis? No one knows.

How old is this skull? Although now there exists a method to date quartz crystal, there is no way of knowing when the carving occurred. A piece of carved bone, said to be found at the site of the skull, was carbon dated at over 3000 years. If the skull was there at the same time this still does not say how old it was when it was placed there.

One clue only adds to the mystery. An image of a piece of an ancient skull was overlaid on the image of Rainbow. It fit perfectly. It was over 500,000 years old, probably cro-magnon man. Where did these ancients get a 500,000 year old skull for a model, and why should they make it in that image?

All of the ancient crystal skulls seem to be modeled after different types of human skulls. We do not know why. After 3 years of intensive research and hundreds of photos we still have more questions than answers. Perhaps continued research will demystify these great puzzles.

Copyright 1998 DaEl Walker

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