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Theoretically, healing is simple. When something blocks the flow of energy to the cells, they begin to die. If enough cells die, they affect the organs and other energy systems. If enough organs die, the body dies. This deterioration of the cells we call sickness. If enough of the right type of energy is returned to the cells, they will repair, rejuvenate, replace, and rebuild the damaged systems. This stabilized and revitalized system is called wellness.

Pain is one of the signals the cells use to call attention to the problem. Prior to that, one may feel nervousness, a sense of unease, or muscle tension of the muscles. The cells are saying, “We have a problem. We are not getting enough positive bio energy to maintain our systems. Send us more energy!” If enough energy is not received the cells yell louder and the pain increases. If you can get healing energy to the cells, they start the rebuilding process and the pain disappears, the yelling stops and the signals cease.

Experience shows the actual time of charging the cells for their repair and rejuvenation is small, maybe 5 minutes. Why then, does it usually take so much time for the pain to reduce?

Something blocks the flow of life energy to the cells. I call this negative energy, the opposite of bioenergy, life energy. Bioenergy creates and sustains life; it has a positive energy. Negative energy blocks and weakens the cells. Several things can cause it. It is simple and convenient to say everything, which works against the body, is negative energy.

There are several ways this negative energy can be formed. There can be a separation, such as a cut or a break. The cells no longer touch each other. Surgery brings the cells together. Then there is chemical toxicity. Any substance, which is not organic, will cause the organic systems of the body to treat it as a stress and not assimilate it. It tends to block or weaken the flow of bioenergy moving through it, lessening the amount reaching the cells. Emotional toxicity is the most common problem. Negative emotions are the opposite of life energy. Life energy is balanced, harmonious. It creates; therefore it has a positive emotional charge. Negative emotions are the opposite. They are disharmony. They weaken the life force energy as it tries to get to the cells. Tumors have a reversed polarity energy field, which also blocks and weakens bioenergy flows. Alternative methods exist for this problem. Surgery will often remove the offending growth. Radioactive therapy or chemical therapy kills the cells of the tumors. Unfortunately, it often kills good cells, as well. Negative energy magnetic fields from electrical and electronic equipment and appliances disrupt the natural magnetic functions of the cells. According to Dr. Robert Becker, MD, author of The Body Electric and Cross Currents, this is the major health threat today, a technological plague. Combinations of any and all of these often cause negative energy blockages. In all cases there is a negative emotional charge in all illness. People are not happy when they are sick. If they are happy about being sick they are usually treated in a psychiatric ward.

Eliminating the blockages consumes the major time in the healing process. Most healing systems take about an hour to realize any change in the problem. If you focus a source of bioenergy on the problem are, you will, eventually, get to the cells and charge them. This reduces the pain or muscle tension.

Think of it as a problem of harmony and disharmony. The law of resonance says the strongest tone will cause the weaker to synchronize with it. If the disharmony is stronger it will dominate. To overcome the disharmony we must create a greater force of harmony. This is the essence of healing. Create a counterforce of greater intensity to overcome the resistance and then charge the cells for repair and rejuvenation.

Healing is an ongoing process, working for the perfect balance, at that time. Healing is not curing. If we work long enough eliminating the symptoms, we may, eventually, reach the cause. When we eliminate the cause, when the problem does not reoccur, then, you can call it a cure.

Assume the immune system is a living biological computer, responsible for the well being of the body. It does so through automatic programs created genetically at birth. More programs are added by accumulated experience. The system always seeks to create balance. Remember, though, the strongest energy will dominate and control the weaker. If the body becomes weakened through emotional and environmental stress, this imbalance will cause illness.

What do we mean by emotional and environmental stress?

Any negative emotion, experienced by the mind, directly affects and weakens the body. Try this experiment. Get someone to assist you. Ask them to extend their strongest arm in front of them and make a fist. Ask them to resist with all their strength as you press down on their hand. Press down until you can break their resistance. Let them relax and rest their arm. Have them extend their arm again. Tell them to remember a time when they were fearful or angry or guilty. Test the strength of their arm again. The arm usually is dramatically weaker than the first. Repetitions of this test will prove to you that negative emotions weaken the body.

Other, more scientific tests can be made, if you have the resources. High energy kirlian camera photography, pioneered in the United States by Dr. Thelma Moss of the University of California at Los Angeles, can show the energy changes when you introduce negative emotions. Kirlian photography uses high voltage, low amperage, and electricity to photograph the electrical corona spark around your fingertips. If you take a photograph before and after the test you will see a dramatic difference in the lessened intensity of the light emanating from the fingers.

Environmental stress is everywhere. Everyone is aware of the deterioration of air quality. In major cities there are bad air alerts because the air affects the respiratory system and weakens the body. So many factors weaken us. Our water is polluted, vegetables contain pesticides, seafood can be dangerous enough to kill people, and beef often has chemicals used to enhance the growth of the animal. Most of the prepared food we buy includes chemical additives and artificial flavoring.

Human bodies are organic and not designed to easily absorb synthetic material. Invariable these materials weaken the body when the immune system has to use reserve energy to battle these foreign substances.

All electronic and electrical equipment, running on alternating current, creates magnetic pulses that are not in harmony with the biomagnetic fields of the body and weakens them. Fluorescent lights, microwaves, TV, computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, pagers, telephones, cellular phones, even electric blankets, weaken the body.

Add in city noise, job and relationship stresses, mind pollution by mass media, (do you ever read good news in the paper?) and it is amazing we do not have even more sickness.

Modern medicine does wonders but treats the symptoms, not the causes. It repairs, not prevents illness. It is mostly restricted to drugs and surgery and both of these have major drawbacks. Drugs are great for emergency treatment where something powerful is needed to neutralize the illness. They use chemicals to stimulate energy in the cells. However, they cannot focus precisely to reach only the problem and not associative systems. The resulting side affects can be significant. Surgery corrects major physical problems but is a trauma to the flesh. It consumes large amounts of precious body energy to counter this trauma.

Vibrational, or energy medicine, directly infuses the cells with the energy they need without using an artificial substance, or traumatizing the adjacent cell structures. If you can get enough of the right kind of energy to the cells they will repair themselves, with no side effects. The amount of time it takes is in direct proportion to the degree of the problem of the illness and the intensity and amount of bioenergy given. Most energy healing methods take an hour or more to notice an appreciable change in the problem. Crystalotherapy can make noticeable changes in 15 minutes or less.

Try this simple experiment to prove to yourself the power and simplicity. Find someone who has pain. Get two quartz crystals of the same size, either polished or unpolished. Hold the left-hand crystal in the center of the palm with the tip pointing toward the heel of the hand. Hold the right hand crystal with the tip pointing toward the fingertips. This places the crystals in the natural flow of energy entering and exiting the body. The left hand receives and the right hand gives. Clear any negative energy from the stones by repeating this simple prayer, three times. “I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide.” This also protects both you and the patient from exchanging energies.

Place your left hand, with crystal, on the pain. Place the right hand on the opposite side of that part of the body, creating a sandwich with your hands with the problem area between them. Once again, repeat the Light Invocation prayer three times. “I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide.” This time the prayer causes an activation of a healing cycle that may go from 5 to 20 minutes. The normal perception of the process follows a simple sequence. First, the left hand heats up while the right hand crystal gets cold. These unusual sensations begin to change. The right hand crystal begins to warm up. When the right hand becomes as warm as the left hand, there is usually an increase in the overall temperature, there is pulsing or rapid vibration, and when it is finished it simply cools down, like a furnace which has been turned off. Our experience shows 9 out of 10 people will have a beneficial result from this simple technique.

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