The Light Invocation

In 1980, I realized I needed some way to protect myself from other people. I was traveling, teaching and healing. I was attending Expos and meeting a lot of people. More and more I noticed how tired I was after interacting with all these people. I knew I needed some form of protection. I asked my inner Guidance for some way to protect myself. I was given this prayer. I was told to say it three times and I would be protected. I tried it and it worked. I told this to my students and they tried it and reported that it worked for them, moreover it also had an interesting side effect. It seemed to calm them down, even reduce their stress. I began to use it continuously and encouraged my students to say the Invocation before working on their patients. Many of them were very sensitive and had always had problems working without either feeling drained or else taking on the patient´s pain. After using the Invocation, there was no longer any problem.

I introduced the Light Invocation to the world in 1983, when I wrote and published The Crystal Book. It has changed a small amount, as all things do. When I first wrote about it I said, I invoke the Light of Christ within me. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide. Since that time it has been changed to make it more universal. I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide. Small changes but with a much different emphasis. The me was dropped because my Guidance said it was the Light within everyone, not just me. Christ was changed to his Father, God. This made the prayer universal, because all religions recognize God, the Creator. Since that time it has traveled around the world and been translated into at least 20 languages.

The Light Invocation is a simple prayer. Ï invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide. Saying it causes the energy field of the person to double. We measured the effect of the prayer with a dowsing rod. The reserve, etheric energy field of the body, before the prayer, was eighteen inches. When the Light Invocation was said, out loud, three times, we measured over 15 feet. At the American Society of Dowsers West Coast Convention, held at the University of Santa Cruz, in California, we did an experiment. On the main stage we asked for a volunteer of someone who had a personal protection method, something which protected him from the emotions of others.

A friend of mine, Leonard, agreed to do it. I asked the Leonard to set his protective shield. One of the Master Dowsers checked his energy field. It had expanded from about one foot to over six feet.

We asked for another volunteer, someone who would be willing to shout a curse at him. A woman stood up. We separated them, about 20 feet apart. I asked the woman to send the curse to him, perhaps substituting someone else for him to make it easy. She pointed her finger at him and shouted, “Die!” Leonard swayed backward, as though someone had pushed him, and so did most of the whole audience! Whoever it was she was pointing to, she did not like him! We dowsed Leonard´s energy field. It was about six inches! His shield had not protected him enough to withstand her ferocity.

I gave Leonard the Light Invocation and directed him to say it three times. He did so. We measured his field at five paces, about fifteen feet. I told the woman to start again. She pointed her finger at him and said, “Die, you son of a bitch!” He did not flinch this time, but his energy field shrunk to two feet. “Repeat it again, three times”, I told him. He did so and his energy field was out about seven paces.

This time I told Leonard to repeat the Invocation continuously. I told the attacker to send curses to him without stopping, until I told her to do so.

“I hope you die in Hell, you miserable son of a bitch!”, she started. Leonard´s field held at three feet. She kept yelling, but his field no longer shrank, it expanded, slowly, at first, then the expansion speeded up. Leonard had his eyes closed and was repeating the Invocation very fast. We kept a continuous measurement on his energy field. When the field past through the woman and kept expanding, she faltered and then stopped yelling. I told Leonard to stop saying the Invocation when his field went off the stage, over 20 paces away, about 60 feet.

I interviewed them both. Leonard said he felt as though someone had hit him in the chest with a fist, when she first began. He was disturbed when his protection did not work well enough. After he began the Invocation he felt a “zone of light surrounded me”.

When he began to repeat continuously, he did not hear or feel her curses.

I asked her why she stopped cursing him. She said she felt a warm wave of energy pass through her and she could not say anything more.

Some conclusions: Number one, constant repetition of the Light Invocation causes a continuous expansion of the etheric energy field of the individual. Number two, constant cursing aimed at an individual can cause a reduction of their energy field, even if they have a personal protection method. Number three, the Light Invocation is apparently stronger than the cursing because repeating it continuously overcame the cursing. This makes it a good method for protecting against the negativity of others.

The Light Invocation can be used to clear your crystals and jewelry of any negative emotion. Repeat the Invocation three times while holding the objects in your hands. All the negative emootion. In about 10 minutes the energy was over sixty feet. Number two, the intensity of the positive emotional energy of the prayer blocked the negative energy of the cursing. Three, the woman could not continue yelling negative curses in the presence of the intensity of the positive energy of the Invocation.

One question can be asked. How far will the energy expand? Is there a limit? Perhaps you would like to experiment and give us some answers. You need at least two or three people. One dowses, one repeats the Invocation, and one does the measuring and recording of data. If you only have two, then the dowser does the measuring and recording. Do this experiment in stages. The first stage, 15 minutes. Say the Invocation, measure, and record. Stage two, 30 minutes. If the energy movement does not stop after 30 minutes, go to stage three, 1 hour.

If the impulse has not stopped after 1 hour, it will be up to you to continue or stop.

The Light Invocation is very simple. It is only three lines and eighteen words. “I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide.” It is repeated a minimum of three times but there is no maximum You may repeat as much as you wish. Our previous experiment with the Dowsers shows constant repetition causes continual expansion of the light eminating from the body.

Negative energy can be cleared from an object by using the Light Invocation.

Try this experiment: Use a live house plant for your target. Dowse the energy field of the plant. Most plants will have a field of two to three feet. Place a crystal against your forehead and remember the last time you hurt your self or were really angry. Feel that emotion and you will place it into the crystal. Place it against the plant, again. Dowse the field. The field should shrink to less than one foot. Hold the stone in your hands and repeat the Invocation three times. Place it against the plant. Dowse the plant. The energy field usually expands to 25 feet or more. I believe the Light Invocation creates such a dramatic charge of positive energy it neutralizes the negative energy you created and placed in the crystal. It then continues to add positive energy to charge your crystal.

In my first book, The Crystal Book, I suggested putting crystals in salt for 2 to 7 days. The salt would drain the negative energy out of the stone. However, it drained all the energy out of the stone, both bad and good. Energy had to be put back in the crystal. With the Light Invocation, you can neutralize only the negative energy. And you leave the crystal with more energy than it had.

It must be a true thought form because it can be translated into any language and it still works. We did an interesting experiment. At a retreat we were working with the Invocation and one of my students spoke German. She wanted to know if it worked if it was translated and said in German. She tried it and it worked. The expansion measurements were the same as it was when said in English. I had an idea. I asked the lady to write the German words out phonetically. I called over one of my students who did not know German to help me. We measured her energy field. She read the phonetic translation and we measured again. Her energy expanded the same way as when she did it in English. I reduced her energy back to normal andasked her to say the Light Invocation in English. It expanded exactly the same as it did in German. She did not know the language and she did not know what the experiment was for. Her logic was not involved in the process. It still worked. We concluded the Light Invocation tapped into a universal thoughtform and would work in any language, even if you did not know the language.

The Light Invocation is used to put a protective shield around the therapist and patient. This makes sure no negative energy is passed from one to the other. At the same, any crystals held in the hands will be cleared of any negative energy stored in them. Then the Invocation is used to activate a healing change in the patient.

Copyright, 2002, DaEl Walker

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