Ritual Magic Wands

Magic wands are interesting tools. The word magic is misleading. It tends to suggest it is something supernatural. All things are natural, they are aspects of energy, and they follow Law. The fact that we may not know or understand the law does not change that. Physics is the science of reliably measurable energy, energy that can be measured electronically and, quite often, felt through the senses. Examples include light, sound, color, heat, and electricity. Metaphysics is the science of subtle energy, not easily measured by electronic instrumentation. Examples include chi or bioenergy, emotions, thoughts, and dreams. Magic is the science of the manipulation of subtle energy, using the mind and connecting with natural forces. There is an axiom among practitioners of natural magic. “As above, so below”. Subtle energy is a higher frequency and will affect the lower physical world. The higher frequencies feed, create, and manipulate the lower. This is the purpose of a magic wand.

Think of a wand as a tool, like a programmable machine, which can help you do what you want. The operator knows the mind, through its thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, creates the experience of the person. If there was a way to create thoughts so powerful they could influence the minds of people, and even animate and inanimate objects, it might be possible to create a path of experience through which that person could obtain any goal.

Thousands of years ago, most societies were non-mechanical. With no electricity, no radio, no TV, no movies, people depended on their senses. With no distraction from the sounds, smells, and electronic smog of our technological civilization, the senses were much more in use. Instinct proved very valuable in hunting and war. As always, certain people were even more sensitive and spent time exploring these inner senses. The Hindus had an exact science of subtle senses. They called them the sidhis.

They studied and manipulated the very elements, which make up physical matter: earth, water, fire, and air. They defined physical objects with Four Kingdoms: mineral, vegetable, animal, human. They found power in the Four Cardinal Directions: North, East, South, and West. And they charted the subtle energies of the celestial kingdom and found differences in the Sun, Moon, and stars.

Certain substances correlated to these energy sources and could be used to connect to them and channel their energies for the manipulation of the user. Natural magic uses the power of mind to find, connect, and control subtle energy forces and sources. A magic wand is a machine, which brings all these parts together into a tool, which will achieve the desires and purpose of the creator.

What do you want to manifest? Is it money? Or health? Or love? Or all of the above? Do you need a new car? Create a wand and manifest it. Do you want a new job? Your wand can focus and amplify your desires to be so strong you will get exactly the kind of job you want. What about a life relationship? You can bring that person into your life, if you know how. Knowing how to create manifesting thoughtforms and make them become reality is a power you will appreciate and use over and over again.

When you learn the principles of building thoughtforms of great precision, the Universe will manifest what you want. Learning to harness the forces of the elements, the kingdoms, and the directions, you can create a well of energy strong enough to power those thoughtforms.

More than anything else, making your own unique personalized wand is a delightful experience. Participants are universal in appreciation of their wand. “I love it!” , “It is so neat! I can’t believe I made it.” “Wait until my husband sees it. He’ll regret he could not be here and make his own.”

Magic wands are mind tools you will appreciate and use for years.

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