Crystal Mandala

The Crystal Mandala uses the science of symbolic power to activate life force, or chi, energy. It is a symmetrical design done within a circle. Inside the two faces is a special transformer that creates a doorway through which bioenergy is formed from Universal energy. This energy can be used in many ways.

Charge your water. Place a Crystal Mandala under your drinking water. Overnight it will place an energy charge in the water. Take two glasses of purified water. Use one for the test standard. Leave it in a place separate from the second glass. Put the second glass on a shelf in the refrigerator and slide a Crystal Mandala under it. The bioenergy field will pass through the glass and charge the material within. The next day, Use a dowsing rod and dowse the energy field of the glass of uncharged water. Then dowse the charged glass. Write down the difference. Next, have someone drink the water, stand 15 feet away from the person with the dowsing rods pointing toward him or her and wait. Within 30- 60 Seconds the energy field of the person should expand and cause the dowsing rods to move. At this point, back up until you find the edge of the field. If you have one, use a Kirlian Camera to photograph the energy change. Take a photo before and after drinking the charged water. The energized photo should be much brighter.

Use the Mandala to keep food fresher. Our tests have shown increased freshness with perishable food. Lettuce, tomatoes and meats last longer. It is necessary, however to spray energized water on them. The process causes an increase in water evaporation. It stimulates the hydrogen and oxygen to separate.

Use it under flower vases to increase the time the flowers remain fresh. Roses usually continue their bud opening until they start to drop their petals.

The most important point is the ability for the charged water to transfer the energy. Try some experiments with it. Sprout two saucers of alfalfa seeds, bean sprouts, wheat or any other seeds which may be available. Put the seeds in the saucers; fill one plate with uncharged water and another plate with water you have charged with the Crystal Mandala. Place them in a shaded place and only add water when it is needed. Observe how much faster the charged water seeds sprout. Watch the rate of growth and the height of the sprouts. There is usually a significant difference in the two dishes of sprouts. Want to make them sprout even better? Charge the seeds overnight before beginning the sprouting process.

How about a face and skin refresher? Fill a pint spray bottle with water; add one drop of lavender essential oil and one drop of rose oil. Charge for one week and use it as a skin freshener. When you are tired, tense, and stressed, one spray will refresh you. Spray your skin and feel the difference.

If you know a wine connoisseur you can have fun with him or her. Get two bottles of a cheap wine, either a red or a white. Use one of them for the control and do nothing to it. Place it in another room so the energy of the Crystal Mandala will not affect it. Put your Mandala under the second bottle and wait 7 days. Have a wine tasting party and invite your friend. Open the control bottle first and let everyone have a taste. Open the second bottle and let them compare it with the first. Almost everyone notices how much smoother, and finer tasting the second one becomes. Do not charge champagne, beer or sodas longer than 10 minutes. The charging releases all gases stored in the liquid and the carbonation disappears, leaving it tasting flat.

Take your Mandalas with you when you eat away from home. Place it under your plates and replace all the energy lost through the harvesting, packing, shipping, handling, and cooking processes. Try this at home. Dowse the energy field of a plate of food. Place a Mandala under it for 3 minutes. Dowse again and notice the difference. Dowse the energy field of one of your testers. Eat some of the food and wait 1 minute. Dowse again and note the difference.

Charge all your foods, dry or liquid. Remember, the energy passes right through any container, and charges anything inside.

Some experimenters charge their vitamins and food supplements. This should add an extra energy complement to the existing power of the materials. All supplements will have a bioenergy field. A simple charging overnight can increase this field as much as 20 times!

While you are at it, why not charge your shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, makeup, and other personal care items? You can add the extra energy to these materials.

Place your shoes on Crystal Mandalas. Overnight they will gain an energy charge. The acupoint meridians of most of the body exit at the feet. When you wear them they will be charging your whole body through those meridians. Throughout the day you are walking on shoes of light.

Family size Mandalas can be inserted in your dresser drawers and charge your clothes.

Use them in your car. Place them under your seat and to the back of the seat to relieve the tension of driving. Place one on top of the air cleaner on your carburetor and see if you can increase your gas mileage. Attach another to your gas tank.

Place them between the mattress and bedsprings to energize you throughout your sleep. The 6-inch family size is ideal for this. Put one under your pillow and see if it changes your dreams.

What about reducing negative energy coming from computers? Place one under every piece of equipment you use: the minitower, keyboard, monitor, fax, even your copier.

Want to reduce your stress? Try the Mandala triangle. Remove your shoes. Place a Mandala under the arch of each foot, and a third one between your hands. Sit on a fourth one, directly over your spine. Sit with your eyes closed for 5-15 minutes, the longer the better. You will feel your tension disappearing, your whole body relaxing.

Can you use them for energy healing? Try putting them directly on the pain. Or tape the small ones directly on the appropriate acupoints.

You can do distant healing with your Mandala. Place a sick person’s photograph or sample of handwriting between two Mandalas. Hold them in your hands and repeat the Light Invocation three times. I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide. Hold your hands together for 15 minutes, or until the heat and pulsing stops. Wherever they are they will receive the energy from the Mandalas. Leave their picture between the Mandalas during the night. They will continue to receive the energy, which flows through the Mandalas. This also works very well with animals. How many people would you like to work on? One pair of Mandalas equals one person healing.

Welcome to the fascinating world of bioenergy. We have offered you a sample of some of the things you can do when you can put energy to work for you wherever you choose.

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