Remote Healing

We can use crystals, Wheel of Life medallions, and Mandala Chargers to create healing changes from a distance. From our extensive testing we have some simple ways to achieve healing no matter where your subject is.

Several factors must be addressed. First you need a way to connect to your client. You are going to broadcast healing energy to someone away from you. Distance is not a factor when you broadcast. You will do so through the universal dimension where time and space, the ingredients in distance, do not exist. Broadcasting in this dimension is instantaneous, even though the reaction by the client or patient may take a few minutes to register.

You need a primary witness, something which has the basic vibration of the receiver. The most common is a photograph, but a sample of the person’s handwriting or something from their body will do. Perhaps a piece of hair, or fingernail, or blood sample, skin scrapings, or sweat. You could even use urine or feces, though these are not our favorite. Don’t have a primary witness? All you have is a name given to you by someone who knows them? You may use this secondary witness but the healing will be slowed down and weakened by having to go through the person who sent the name to you.

Next you need tools of power for the energy you are going to send. Quartz crystals are good, any member of the quartz family. You need one for each hand. They should be hand sized, about 3 inches in length, and be pointed on one or both ends.

You could use Mandala Chargers. When doing remote healing, use the most powerful Mandalas you can afford. Bigger is better! You will need two of them.

You can use a Wheel of Life medallion and a quartz crystal. This is best basic combination you can use because the Wheel of Life is programmed to balance the whole immune system and accelerate all healing processes.

And you need the spiritual power of the Light Invocation.

Here is what you do.

Hold two tools of power in your hands. Hold a Wheel of Life, or a crystal, or a Mandala in your left hand. Place the primary witness, usually a photo, on the left hand power tool. Hold another power tool in your right hand and close your hands together, with the photo between them. Repeat the Light Invocation three times. “I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide.”

Observe energy changes taking place in your hands. Your left hand will warm up and your right hand is usually colder than the left. As you continue to hold your hands in place, your right hand will gradually heat up until it is equal in intensity with the left. You may notice a pulsing or rapid vibrating which may continue for some time. When that all calms down, continue to hold your hands in place for a minimum of 10 minutes. When your time is up, repeat the Light Invocation three times more. Pull your hands away and place your primary witness in a separate envelope to keep it safe until the next time you send energy.

How often can you send this healing energy? In an amazing shor time. As little as 5 minutes after you have completed your first energy healing. If the problem is severe, perhaps they are in a hospital, you may want to repeat the healing many times a day. Each time you do another healing session, you increase the speed and depth of the healing.

We recommend the combination of the Wheel of Life and a crystal as the most effective way we have for remote healing. You can add two Mega or Mega 2 Mandalas to increase the power. Simply place the photo between two Mandalas and then place them between your Wheel and crystal hands. Repeat the Light Invocation three times and wait a minimum of 10 minutes. After the healing session, leave the photo between the two Mega Mandalas and their energy will continue to be sent to the patient, even during the night.

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