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Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life medallion is possibly the most powerful source of usable healing life energy available. There is no electrical circuitry, no magnets, simply metal and precious stones. It uses sacred geometry to create a flow of life force energy that can protect and heal.

When worn around the neck, it charges up the immune system and creates a protective shield against negative emotions emitted by people you meet and even stored in the walls and furniture of rooms you enter. Hospitals are the prime examples. All of the pain and negative feelings of the people who enter hospitals are stored in the walls and even in the waiting room furniture. When you wear the Wheel of Life it surrounds you with a buffer zone of positive energy which extends out as much as 60 feet, 20 meters. This protective ball of light neutralizes negative emotions before they can affect you.

You are bombarded, constantly, by electromagnetic pulses from computers, printers, fax machines, phones, televisions, copy machines, microwave ovens, and fluorescent lights. This is created when you use your alternative current electrical system. Because it alternates between positive and negative polarities, it emits magnetic pulses which are detrimental to all living creatures: plants, animals, and people. These are major stresses on the immune system and are health problems of increasing severity.

Exhaustive tests with kinesiology, biofeedback machines, and kirlian photography show that 90% of these stresses are countered by the forces operating within the Wheel of Life.

Crystalotherapy Healing System for Pain and Tension Reduction

Want to see if you can reduce pain and tension in the body? Try one of the methods from the Crystalotherapy Healing System.

Hold the Wheel of Life medallion in the center of the left hand with the gemstones showing. Hold a quartz crystal in your right hand, with the faceted end pointing toward the fingertips. Repeat the Light Invocation out loud, three times. “I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide.”

Place the Wheel against the problem area with the palm flat. Put the right hand crystal against the opposite side of that part of the body. Repeat the Light Invocation out loud, again, three times. “I invoke the Light of God within. I am a clear and perfect channel. Light is my Guide.” This activates the healing cycle. It is automatic. If you hold your hand in place for 10 minutes, our experience shows there is a reduction in tension and pain. You may feel physical sensations of heat and cold, possibly vibration or pulsing. You may repeat this healing as often as you wish with results you can feel almost immediately. When you send bioenergy directly to the cells, it will usually respond by reducing the muscle tension or pain.

Please understand we make no medical claims for cures. The Wheel of Life uses pure life force energy to help the body heal itself. If your problem is severe enough, be sure to seek the advice of a qualified health practitioner.

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